About me
Design is a Riddle
Nowadays everything is screaming into your face, craving for your attention. But every now and then you can run into something that gets your mind focused and suddenly everything else is pushed out of the way. That is the clear sign that a design riddle was solved and now you are enjoying the results. My goal is to help people to examine, identify and to solve their design riddles so that they can meet their goals, leaving them with a happy, content feeling that the world will now see their message clearly. 

My own riddle
My first design achievement was in daycare. The teacher asked us to draw a tree. Now I never wanted to draw a tree. Never wanted to do anything they asked me to be honest :D But everybody around me was already hard at work. Drawing the tree from bottom to top. I got scared. What if I mess up the log? Where will the leaves go? Then came the revelation. "Start from the top, if that fits you," said the teacher. So I did and I could not stop doing it for the rest of the day. Leaves and branches everywhere. Drawing a log underneath this complicated system was easy :D This was the first time design thinking got to me. "Start from the top" made me think outside of the box. Since then I'm constantly drawn to this idea of finding new ways of doing things for the better.

- Freelancing, 2010-2013
- Founding member of 9 Design Studio, 2014-2015
- Designer at UNLEASH working on branding, print, web & UX, 2013-2018

Language Skills
- Fluent in English
- Used to be fluent in Spanish. Could use some practice :)
As you can see, I love my glasses :)